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Gate Policies

 Introduction  Call-in Procedures Identification Verification Code (IVC)
Daily Passes & Recurring Visit passes Visitor on File Pass Overnight Parking Lot

Welcome to the Kings Point Security Department page! 

The procedures found on this page are an effort to keep Kings Point one of the safest communities in Hillsborough County.

Our security gates are operational 365 days a year, and at the Main Gate, open 24 hours a day.  Our officers welcome thousands of residents and guests through the gates with a wave and a warm smile everyday.

2018 was yet another busy year for Kings Point Gate Security.  Officers issued over 124,000 passes, answered 111,000 phone calls and patrolled 37,000 miles.  On a daily average Officers issue 340 passes, answer 304 calls and patrol 101 miles.  We hope you find the information on this page helpful as you navigate the community’s security policies for authorizing guest passes, requesting overnight parking permits and obtaining resident decals.

Call-in Procedures:

Procedures for calling in guests are designed to verify the person making the request is a resident and to obtain information about the guest(s) visiting.

Information for guests can be given two ways, by calling our Security Gate or by email.

Calling In:

When calling the Security and Gate numbers, 813-634-2063 or 813-645-9355, please understand our phone lines are very busy during “peak hours,” typically between 10am- 3pm. If possible, please try calling during non-peak hours.


Visitor information may also be emailed to KPSCCVisitor@VestaPropertyServices.com.

24 hour advanced notice is required for all emails. 


Whether you’re calling in or emailing a request, please provide the following information:

    1. Resident IVC (see below)
    1. Resident Name and Address
    1. Visitor name
    1. The arrival and departure date
  1. How many days you want the pass to be issued for.

No matter which gate your visitor comes through, their information is readily available at both gates, so you do not need to call both gates if you are unsure of which entrance your guest will be coming to.


When arriving at either entrance, guests must know the destination address and the last name of the home owner, and arrive on the day that was requested. Their visit is searched based on their arrival day. If a guest misses their arrival date and comes in on another day the resident must give security a call to update the arrival date.

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Identification Verification Code (IVC)

Kings Point Security has developed an authentication method for residents calling in guests. Why? We identified instances where non-residents were calling themselves in to the community by giving basic information found in any public record-like a phone book. 

All Kings Point residents have been assigned an identification verification code (IVC). The code is printed on the back of every ID badge or lessee badge. We ask residents not to share their identification code.  We believe it helps reduce the opportunities for unauthorized entries into the Kings Point community.

Residents calling to inform security of a guest’s visit will be asked to provide the IVC code and all emails informing security of a guests visit will need to include the IVC code.

Security will verify the resident’s code with the corresponding resident’s name and address. If the verification code is not provided, security will grant entry based on the resident’s name and/or address and will call the resident if any security questions or issues arise.

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Daily Passes & Recurring Visit Passes

Residents may authorize daily visitor passes from 1 to 14 days.

Medical service providers with verified company IDs are allowed visit authorizations for up to 30 days.

Recurring Visit Passes

Residents who have guests visiting on a recurring daily, weekly or monthly schedule may authorize recurring visit passes for up to 6 months.

Visitors will stop at the gate to receive their entry pass during each visit.

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Visitor on File Pass

Visitors on file, typically include family members, emergency contacts, and house watch services.

Visitors on file are guests who residents will not need to worry about gaining entry into Kings Point if an emergency or concerning situation occurs involving the resident.

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Overnight Parking Lot

Overnight parking is not permitted in any of Kings Point’s clubhouse, pool or Cyber Café parking lots, or at any non-designated resident parking areas.

Overnight parking permits allow residents or residents’ house guests to park in the overnight parking lot, located next to the tennis courts, for up to 7 days. Vehicles will be issued no more than one overnight parking permit within a 90 day timeframe.

Permits are issued at the Main gatehouse and require resident’s name and address, vehicle owner’s name and address and vehicle’s make and tag information to be included on the security provided permit request paperwork.

All vehicles parked in the overnight parking lot must display an overnight parking permit.  Vehicles located in the overnight parking lot without parking permits will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense.

Overnight parking for Kings Point sanctioned overnight trips is available for registered travelers.  Overnight trip permit parking is issued by the Box Office located in the Main clubhouse.

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