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Monthly Security Updates

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30 Day Passes & Visitor Call In

 We are all aware that traffic in Sun City Center and Kings Point increases over the winter months due to many snow birds returning, and we prepare for the lines entering Kings Point to be longer and busier this time of year. We will continue to do our very best to receive all Kings Point visitors through the front gates as quickly as possible. In an effort to help this speedy process, it is very important to remember to call in all of your visitors and contractors in before they are due to arrive.

So why is calling visitors in so important?

 When visitors are not called in, the Security Team has to take time to stop and call the resident to make sure they have knowledge of and authorize the visit. If we don’t get permission from the resident, we have to turn the person away. Calling the resident slows down the  operation and contributes to    traffic backing up on the visitor side  at the front and back gates.

Our busiest call times are during the morning and midday hours. We encourage you that, whenever possible, please call late afternoon or during evening hours to allow time to not be taken away from the gate traffic duties. You may call up to seven days in advance.

30 day passes

If you have a visitor for 1-2 days or 1-2 weeks, please do not authorize them a 30 day pass. These passes should only be used for those that are visiting for approximately 30 days.

If there is a visitor or a repair person that insists on getting a 30 day pass, please refuse. This should send up a red flag therefore please refuse and absolutely do not give them a 30 day pass.

All of these efforts help us to keep Kings Point safe and together we can make things better!