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Badges and Guest Passes

ID Badges

Residents are required to either wear their Kings Point issued ID badge or have it on them at all times when visiting any clubhouse or using any of the recreational facilities. The badges allow our security officers to quickly identify who is permitted to be using the facilities.

A badge is required for entry at the 2020 Centre and to re-gain entry to Kings Point on the golf cart path.

Lost badges may be replaced at the KPCH Box Office.  Replacement badges are $10.

Lessee Badges

Lessee badges can be obtained at the KPCH Box Office.  Owners must turn in their badges to the Box Office to keep on file while the lessee is occupying the residence.

Caregiver Badges

Caregiver badges are issued for up to a 3 month period. It must be worn at all times when in the recreation facilities. Individuals authorized by a written physician’s letter are deemed a caregiver for a specific resident. Please visit the KPCH Box Office to complete the proper documents to receive this badge.  Caregivers cannot utilize the recreational facilities or the transportation system unless accompanying the resident to whom they give care.

Guest Passes

Guest passes are required for any visitor, 18 and older, who intends to use any Kings Point facility or recreation area.  Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Guest passes can be obtained at the KPCH Box Office or KPSC Concierge desk during normal business hours or at any Security Office during non-business hours.  Passes are $2.50 per day.  Multiple days can be purchased at one time, but no discount is given. Residents must have their ID badge or a guest must present a resident’s ID badge to obtain a pass.